They Say This Is Suicide, This Is Just The War

 Her skin,

Yet so soft and vulnerable,

There’s something burning in her,

A stinging, piercing pain,

She can tell it’s time,

But she knows she can’t,

He’s there,

Gripped in the palm of her hand,

Her make-up smeared,

She can hear me beg, my pleads,

"Don’t go, Please don’t leave me alone, you promised, you made me promise, I made mistakes, yes, but I’m not ready for you to leave, I’ll never be ready for you to go so please, please don’t go."

Her heart slows down,

She’s on the floor,

Hugging herself cause nobody is there,

She just wants to be numb,

She just wants to go,

Life is hard for her,

It’s bad enough her killer doesn’t have a name,

They say this is suicide,

But this is just the war,

She tries to get back on her feet,

She hears me cry her name,

"I’m not ready…. Get up and look in the mirror, you’re beautiful, you’re perfect, scars and all, I don’t care, I just can’t lose you."

She gets up and stares in the mirror,

She’s pale and trembling,

Her killer is at her feet,

They say this is suicide,

But this is just the war.